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By: Estes, Eleanor

Price: ¥300.00

Publisher: Scholastic Inc: 1991

Seller ID: RWARE0000021930

ISBN: 0590291165

Condition: Very Good

A crisp clean softcover, no markings throughout. View more info


By: Estes, Eleanor

Price: ¥400.00

Publisher: Scholastic: 1991

Seller ID: RWARE0000024862

ISBN: 0439577543

Condition: Good

Eleanor Estes's Ginger Pye, a 1952 Newbery Medal winner, is a warm, witty m ystery set in a small-town American community. Ginger Pye, the star of the show, is the very smart dog that ten-year-old Jerry Pye buys for a hard-ear ned dollar. The most famous pup in Cranbury (a town between Boston and New York), Ginger knows many tricks, is as loyal as he is smart, and steals the hearts of everyone he meets . . . until someone steals him! Will Jerry and his sister Rachel ever be able to find their beloved terrier? Don't miss t he sequel, Pinky Pye! View more info


By: Fields, Terri

Price: ¥400.00

Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks: 1995

Seller ID: RWARE0000009998

ISBN: 0590428047

Condition: Very Good+

When Allan's neighbor tells him she's a witch, he's sure she's teasing him. But when his Cubs cap begins to fly around the room, Allan suspects she's telling the truth. View more info



By: Fisher, Catherine

Price: ¥500.00

Publisher: Hodder Childrens: 2007

Seller ID: RWARE0000020969

ISBN: 0340893605

Condition: Very Good+

A crisp clean softcover, no markings throughout: Amazon Best Books of the Month, February 2010: The shifting landscapes, unexpected plot punches, and bold, brave characters found in Catherine Fisher's Incarceron are nothing short of thrilling: fans of Garth Nix and Suzanne Collins will take to this epic, twisty fantasy instantly, but it's also the kind of book that will draw in the most hesitant fantasy reader. The mysterious world of Incarceron--and its factions of daring Prisoners, led by an incorrigible team in Finn and Claudia, who are both searching for a means of escape--is wonderfully i... View more info


By: Franklin, Debra

Price: ¥380.00

Publisher: Kensington Pub Corp: 1993

Seller ID: RWARE0000000181

ISBN: 0821743554

Condition: Good

Scream is a series of fast-paced, suspenseful horror books written by top a uthors in the genre. In this first chilling tale, a teenage girl must figur e out who is killing all her best friends and making their deaths look like suicides--before she's next. View more info


By: French, Jackie

Price: ¥500.00

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Aus: 1992

Seller ID: RWARE0000040240

ISBN: 0207171246

Condition: Very Good

A copy that has been read, but is in excellent condition. Pages are intact and not marred by notes or highlighting. The spine remains undamaged. A collection of five short stories. Two stories have a fantasy theme and the others have a more conventional approach. The author also wrote "Smudge the Wombat" and "The Roo That Won the Melbourne Cup" View more info


By: Funke, Cornelia

Price: ¥500.00

Publisher: Chicken House: 2003

Seller ID: RWARE0000029557

ISBN: 043942089X

Condition: Good

The sensational, highly acclaimed New York Times bestseller--now available in paperback! Prosper and Bo are orphans on the run from their cruel aunt and uncle. The brothers decide to hide out in Venice, where they meet a mysterious character who calls himself the "Thief Lord." Brilliant and charismatic, the Thief Lord leads a ring of street children who dabble in petty crimes. Prosper and Bo relish being part of this colorful new family. But the Thief Lord has secrets of his own. And soon the boys are thrust into circumstances that will lead them, and readers, to a fantastic, spellbin... View more info


By: Garner, Alan

Price: ¥500.00

Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Boo: 2010

Seller ID: RWARE0000035655

ISBN: 0007355211

Condition: Very Good

The Weirdstone of Brisingamen is one of the greatest fantasy novels of all time. When Colin and Susan are pursued by eerie creatures across Alderley E dge, they are saved by the Wizard. He takes them into the caves of Fundinde lve, where he watches over the enchanted sleep of one hundred and forty kni ghts. But the heart of the magic that binds them - Firefrost, also known as the Weirdstone of Brisingamen - has been lost. The Wizard has been searchi ng for the stone for more than 100 years, but the forces of evil are closin g in, determined to possess and destroy its special power. Colin and S... View more info


By: Garrett, Richard

Price: ¥350.00

Publisher: Macmillan: 1972

Seller ID: RWARE0000038695

ISBN: 0330029193

Condition: Good

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Image for CORAM BOY


By: Gavin, Jamila

Price: ¥500.00

Publisher: Egmont Childrens Books: 2000

Seller ID: RWARE0000001706

ISBN: 0749732687

Condition: Near Fine

In the great tradition of Dickens, British author Gavin mines English histo ry, contrasting 18th-century city life with that of country estates, the we althy classes with the poverty-stricken. Parallel plots develop as the auth or introduces charismatic Otis Gardiner, nicknamed the "Coram man" for his role in taking unwanted children off of the hands of rich and poor alike, a nd his simpleton son, 14-year-old Meshak. But Otis's nickname, taken from a nobler man than he (an actual historic figure, Captain Thomas Coram, who o pened a hospital for abandoned children in 1741), is unearned;... View more info


By: Gavin, Jamila

Price: ¥250.00

Publisher: Mammoth: 1996

Seller ID: RWARE0000021944

ISBN: 0749725834

Condition: Very Good

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By: Gray, Elizabeth Janet

Price: ¥300.00

Publisher: Scholastic: 1970

Seller ID: RWARE0000000160

ISBN: 0590339834

Condition: Near Fine

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By: Gribbin, Lisa

Price: ¥350.00

Publisher: Price Stern Sloan: 2004

Seller ID: RWARE0000037192

ISBN: 0843111518

Condition: Very Good

What's the best way to survive the holiday season? With The Mad Libs Worst- Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Holidays, of course! Based on the publishi ng phenomenon of the same name, it's the perfect gift for the game lover in all of us. Leonard Stern and the late Roger Price are two of the founders of Price Stern Sloan. View more info



By: Grimm, Jacob

Price: ¥800.00

Publisher: Wordsworth Editions Ltd: 1998

Seller ID: RWARE0000045557

ISBN: 1853268984

Condition: Very Good

A copy that has been read, but is in excellent condition. Pages are intact and not marred by notes or highlighting. The spine remains undamaged. Jacob Grimm (1785-1863) and his brother Wilhelm (1786-1859) were philologists and folklorists. The brothers rediscovered a host of fairy tales, telling of princes and princesses in their castles, witches in their towers and forests, of giants and dwarfs, of fabulous animals and dark deeds. Together with the well-known tales of 'Rapunzel', 'The Goose Girl', Sleeping Beauty', 'Hansel and Gretel' and 'Snow White', there are the darker tales such as 'Deat... View more info


By: Gustafson, Anita

Price: ¥250.00

Publisher: Scholastic: 1985

Seller ID: RWARE0000003646

ISBN: 0590329804

Condition: Very Good

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By: Gutman, Dan

Price: ¥500.00

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Y.: 2007

Seller ID: RWARE0000038043

ISBN: 0689876807

Condition: Good

They can rule the half-pipe, but can they survive this? Jimmy, David, and Henry are psyched. It's summer, school's out, and they are on their way to California, where they will be able to do some major skating. But on the plane, the unthinkable happens: They are hijacked by terrorists. As frightened as they may be, they take action and they succeed. Sort of. They may have beaten the terrorists, but now their plane has crashed in the middle of nowhere and all of a sudden, their summer vacation is about finding food, shelter, and a rescue. Can three normal twelve-year-old boys find a way to get... View more info


By: Haddix, Margaret Peterson

Price: ¥450.00

Publisher: Simon Pulse: 2004

Seller ID: RWARE0000021508

ISBN: 068986793X

Condition: Very Good+

A crisp clean softcover, no markings throughout: Grade 7-9-Dorry is lonely and insecure at a new high school until she's befriended by a seemingly wonderful group of students. She soon finds out that the group is a religious cult. Her involvement with the group and their ever-increasing demands on her lead to a startling conclusion. View more info


By: Haddix, Margaret Peterson

Price: ¥500.00

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Y.: 2002

Seller ID: RWARE0000021529

ISBN: 0689840373

Condition: Very Good+

A crisp clean softcover, no markings throughout: At age 100, Melly and the other Riverside nursing home residents are injected with a drug to make them "unage" yet find that they cannot stop the process. "Haddix successfully shuttles readers between three different eras and builds up to a surprising final face-off," said PW. Ages 10-14. View more info


By: Halberstam, Gaby

Price: ¥500.00

Publisher: Pan Macmillan: 2008

Seller ID: RWARE0000044965

ISBN: 0330450514

Condition: Very Good

"You just don't get it, do you Victoria? These people are ruthless. I don't care what they do to me, but no one else must be harmed." When Victoria's friend Maswe appears at her door, badly beaten and begging for a place to h ide, she agrees to help. Soon the police are searching the house and watchi ng Victoria's family. What has Maswe done? Victoria would do anything to ke ep him safe, even undertake a dangerous journey, to carry a vital message t o the ruthless resistance leader Godiva. But while Victoria's feelings for Maswe deepen, he is impatient to return to his dangerous activi... View more info


By: Hale, Bruce

Price: ¥500.00

Publisher: Disney-Hyperion: 2014

Seller ID: RWARE0000045448

ISBN: 1423171055

Condition: Good

Juvenile delinquent and budding pyromaniac Max Segredo belongs in juvie hal l. At least, that's what his most recent foster family would tell you. Inst ead, Max ends up on the doorstep of Merry Sunshine Orphanage-their very hea vily guarded doorstep. As he begins to acclimate to his new home, Max learn s a few things straightaway: first, cracking a Caesar Cipher isn't as hard as it seems; second, never sass your instructor if she's also holding throw ing knives; and third, he may not be an orphan after all. Soon, Max and the rest of the students are sent on a mission to keep a dangerous weapon... View more info