Author:Alvear, Jorge


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By: Alvear, Jorge

Price: ¥700.00

Publisher: Bloomsbury USA: 2006

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ISBN: 1841769290

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The Russian T-34 was the most influential tank design of World War II, with its sloping armour, heavy hitting firepower and rapid mobility. It first s aw combat in the summer of 1941, and its qualities soon set it apart from o ther medium tanks of the period. However, its battlefield superiority did n ot last long, and it was soon matched by German designs such as the Panther . Several models, designated by years, were produced between 1940 and 1943, featuring changes such as upgunning (model 1941) and redesigning the turre t (model 1943). More T-34s were produced by the Allies than any other ... View more info