By: Appleton, Le Roy H.

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The most original and most powerful design art produced in the Western Hemi sphere is also its most indigenous: that of the Indian, in innumerable cult ures existing from prehistory to the arrival of the white man, reaching fro m the Arctic Circle to Tierra del Fuego. It owes, of course, nothing to Eur ope or the classical Orient. It is tremendous in variety, differing region by region, era by era, often tribe by tribe. It is always vigorously distin ctive. This book, 20 years in preparation, shows us that art in all its pro fuse diversity and in the almost numberless crafts for which the American I ndian is famous. Well over 700 examples, drawn with painstaking care, are shown: representat ions of flora and fauna, men and gods, earth and sky; symbols of clan and t ribe, religion and magic; formal designs from the primal to the highly intr icate. They appear in examples of basketry, weaving, pottery, sculpture, pa inting, lapidary work, masks, drumheads, weapons, apparel, beadwork, goldwo rk, blankets, ponchos, and many other forms. The arts and crafts of Inca, T iahuanaco, Chim, Maya, Axtec, Zapotec, Totonac, Mixtec, Navaho, Zuni, Hopi , Apache, Cherokee, Creek, Winnebago, Dakota, Blackfoot, Nez Perc, Cheyenn e, Crow, Sioux, Cochiti, Haida, Bellacoola, and others known and unknown ar e here. Each section is preceded by a page of typical motifs of an area, making it easy to isolate the design elements. In addition, the lore and tradition be hind the designs are told in a text reproducing the Indians' own stories an d songs. Separate indices simplify locating the work of particular tribes a nd regions. Craftspeople will find in this book a.


Author Name: Appleton, Le Roy H.

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Publisher: Dover Publications: 1971

ISBN Number: 0486227049

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Book Condition: Very Good

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