Shipping and Payment

Payment Methods Accepted


For international orders, we accept all major credit cards via 'PayPal'. Within Japan, we accept PayPal, bank transfer and Japan Post's 
Cash On Delivery service (COD).



 We have a no-quibble returns policy as long as books are returned within 7 days of receipt. Please contact us before returning purchases.


All prices on our website are indicated in Japanese Yen. For overseas orders, we use to calculate prevailing exchange rates.



By far the most popular method of paying for books within Japan is via Japan Post's Cash On Delivery service. All purchases are sent from 

our main warehouse in Tokyo and you pay the Post Office in cash on delivery to your door. Convenient, fast and secure!

Fixed shipping costs: (within Japan)

  • 3 kg - 940 YEN
  • 2 kg - 800 YEN
  • 1 kg - 690 YEN


International customers - contact us for a shipping quote.

(For domestic orders) When you go through Checkout with the books you  
want to buy, the SHIPPING CHARGE could, in some cases, be inaccurate,  
especially with large orders (over 3 KG). Usually you will get a much  
higher quote than it actually is. Do NOT panic.  Just email us and we  
will send you a revised quote. Once we have had your order weighed by  
Japan Post, you can them decide whether or not you would like us to go  
ahead with your order.
Credit owed: If you cannot supply a verification of your credit through past email which we have sent you then we cannot issue the said credit owed. 
 All books bought using 'store credit', the customer pays all shipping costs via Japan Posts cash on delivery system.



Ordering one book can be quite expensive as the minimum rate is 180 yen (up to 150 grams) and 350 yen COD charge. 250 yen of this is COD charge the other 100 yen is the cost of transferring your fee to Infinity Books – again, we would like to make it clear that we do not profit from postage or packing charges. Ordering one book – in this example Dan Brown’s bestseller The Da Vinci Code- would weigh 300 grams. This would put you in the 3rd price bracket, up to 500 grams (290 yen) You would then need to pay the 350 COD charge. We usually sell this type of paperback for around 500 yen. So you’d end up paying 500 yen + 290 yen + 350 yen = 1,140 yen.

Table of Postage charges – always add 350 yen for COD charge.


Weight Postage Total with COD charge Up to 150 grams 180 yen + 350 yen = 530 yen Up to 250 grams 210 yen + 350 yen = 560 yen Up to 500 grams 290 yen + 350 yen = 640 yen Up to 1kg 340 yen + 350 yen = 690 yen Up to 2 kgs 450 yen + 350 yen = 800 yen Up to 3kgs 590 yen + 350 yen = 940 yen


So, if you buy three or four books, the shipping cost would not that expensive on a per book level. If you are in any doubt about how much you will be charged for the cost of shipping the books to you, please ask for a quote first. This will slow the delivery process a little, but we do not want you to feel that you are being cheated, so if you do not mind waiting another day for you order, then please e-mail us a list of the books you’re thinking of ordering and we will be happy to let you know exact costs involved.


If you ordered 4 paperback books, say the Dan Brown, Lafcadio Hearn’s Writing From Japan, the complete Short Stories of Saki and Lance Armstrong’s life story, they would weigh 1.25 kgs. Using COD would cost you 450 yen postage, plus 350 yen COD charge = 800 yen. Using COD is also quicker because we can send the books straight away without waiting for confirmation from Paypal. For bigger orders, over 3 kgs a slightly different system is used, but we’ll be happy to quote you 
the price of any shipping charges.