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Beyond: Visions Of The Interplanetary Probes, Benson, Michael
1 Benson, Michael Beyond: Visions Of The Interplanetary Probes
Harry N. Abrams 2003 0810945312 / 9780810945319 Hardcover Near Fine 
Michael Benson has spent years compiling images collected by the unmanned p robes that NASA has been sending into space to explore the solar system sin ce the 1960s. The resulting book consists of two parts: the first is a visu al tour of the solar system; and the second is a series of essays that expl ain the how and why of these photographs - the history of the journeys of t he probes, how they work and why they were built. The volume has a foreword by Sir Arthur C. Clarke and an afterword by Lawrence Weschler. 
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2 Benson, Michael Far Out: A Space-Time Chronicle
Harry N. Abrams 2009 0810949482 / 9780810949485 Hardcover Very Good/Very Good 
A copy that has been read, but is in excellent condition. Pages are intact and not marred by notes or highlighting. The spine remains undamaged. In Far Out: A Space-Time Chronicle, author and filmmaker Michael Benson ass embles an outstanding collection of astronomical images from observatories around the world and in space. We live in a golden age of astronomical obse rvation. Some of the resulting images are well known and have inspired mill ions of people; others, equally breathtaking, have never been published bef ore. For this book, Benson has culled the very best, and organized them int o a thrilling journey through space and time to the universe's great places , ranging from "nearby" nebulae in our own Milky Way galaxy to the light of the Hubble Deep Field that has traveled billions of light-years. Every bit as innovative and beautiful as the author's successful Beyond: Visions of the Interplanetary Probes but far grander in conception, Far Out is an insp iring work of art and science on the cutting edge of human perception. A Guide to the Cosmos, in Words and Images Dazzling and True -New York Tim es Book Review [With Far Out] Take a good long look into space-time. -Los Angeles Times Far out by Michael Benson proves that putting the photographable universe i nto a book doesn't dampen its beauty. - Men's Journal An exquisite picture book of outer space. -San Diego Union Tribune "2001: A Space Odyssey and Far Out: A Space-Time Chronicle: both are inspirational moving pictures. Far Out punches deep into space, like a series of jump cuts. It is a truly cinematic experience to see these magnificent images in rapid succes 
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Skyguide: A Field Guide to the Heavens, Chartrand, Mark
3 Chartrand, Mark Skyguide: A Field Guide to the Heavens
Golden Books Pub Co (Adult) 1982 0307136671 / 9780307136671 Paperback Very Good 
An illustrated guide to watching the stars. 
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The Unexpected Universe, EISELEY, LOREN
4 EISELEY, LOREN The Unexpected Universe
Penguin Books Ltd 1973 0140035575 / 9780140035575 Paperback Good 
Drawing from his long experience as a naturalist, the author responds to th e unexpected and symbolic aspects of a wide spectrum of phenomena throughou t the universe. Scrupulous scholarship and magical prose are brought to bea r on such diverse topics as seeds, the hieroglyphs on shells, lost tombs, t he goddess Circe, city dumps, and Neanderthal man. 
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Exploring the Moon Through Binoculars and Small Telescopes (Dover Books on Astronomy), Jr., Ernest H. Cherrington
5 Jr., Ernest H. Cherrington Exploring the Moon Through Binoculars and Small Telescopes (Dover Books on Astronomy)
Dover Publications 1984 0486244911 / 9780486244914 Paperback Very Good 
Informative, profusely illustrated guide to locating and identifying crater s, rills, seas, mountains, other lunar features. Newly revised and updated with special section of new photos. Over 100 photos and diagrams. "Extraord inary delight awaits the amateur astronomer or teacher who opens this book. " - The Science Teacher. 
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6 Mitton, Simon Exploring the Galaxies
Encore Editions 1978 0684155796 / 9780684155791 Paperback Very Good 

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7 Mutch, Thomas A. The Martian landscape
Scientific and Technical Inf 1978 Hardcover Good 

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8 Rubtsov, Vladimir The Tunguska Mystery
Copernicus 2009 0387765735 / 9780387765730 Hardcover Near Fine/Near Fine 
In excellent condition. Pages are intact and not marred by notes or highlig hting. The spine remains undamaged. The summer of 1908 witnessed the arrival of an unknown space body and an ex plosion over the Tunguska forest in Central Siberia that could have flatten ed any major city on Earth. Most people think that the Tunguska event was e xplained long ago by scientists who study meteorites - that it was either a stony meteorite or the icy core of a comet. But these assumptions are not so tenable as their supporters would like to think. The Tunguska event rema ins an enigma in its second century of existence as perplexing as it has be en throughout the past century. And what Russian scientists have discovered in recent decades is both astounding and reliable, and will cause some eye brows to be raised. The Tunguska Mystery is the first truly comprehensive and popular expositio n of this century-long enigma written specially for western readers. It is objective and pays attention to both conventional and unconventional theori es of the Tunguska space body's origin. Also, this is the only book written in the English language on Tunguska studies in the former Soviet Union and the new independent states that is entirely based on firsthand accounts of serious researchers directly engaged in these studies. The book's language is simple, The Tunguska Mystery is meant not only for specialists, but fir st of all for any reader who is interested in the fascinating mysteries of the world we live in. As a reader noted on, the book is "very well written. The illustrations and photographs help the reader to understand the great import 
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Horizons: Exploring the universe, Seeds, Michael A
9 Seeds, Michael A Horizons: Exploring the universe
Wadsworth Pub. Co 1985 0534040179 / 9780534040178 Paperback Very Good 
In this fully updated new Seventh Edition, Mike Seeds shows students their place in the universe - not just their location, but their role as planet d wellers in an evolving universe. He also emphasizes how science works, as o pposed to simply teaching facts about astronomy. This enthusiastic author i nspires students' imagination, sense of wonder, and excitement about new di scoveries. At the same time, Seeds strives to arm students with a solid und erstanding of the process of science. Crafting a story about astronomy, See ds hopes that students will be able to ask questions of nature and graduall y puzzle out the beautiful secrets of the physical world. 
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Rogue Asteroids and Doomsday Comets: The Search for the Million Megaton Men ace That Threatens Life on Earth, Steel, Duncan
10 Steel, Duncan Rogue Asteroids and Doomsday Comets: The Search for the Million Megaton Men ace That Threatens Life on Earth
Wiley 1995 0471308242 / 9780471308249 Hardcover Very Good/Very Good 
Could a giant asteroid or comet crash into Earth and destroy life as we kno w it? Many astronomers who once discredited the risks are now convinced. Yo u will be too after reading Duncan Steel's critically acclaimed examination of the evidence of Earth's encounters with killer comets and asteroids. Acclaim for Rogue Asteroids and Doomsday Comets "A chilling and utterly convincing account of a cosmic menace that must not be ignored any longer. This book is a welcome challenge to the scientific prejudice against catastrophism." --Paul Davies, author of The Mind of God "Written in clear prose for the layperson, this gripping report advocates t he creation of an international search program to detect, intercept, and di vert Earth-menacing asteroids and comets." --Publishers Weekly. "Steel writes clearly and ominously, and he should be listened to." --The D aily Telegraph (London) A selection of the Astronomy Book Club A Library Journal "Best Science Book of the Year" selection 
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