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The Quantum Universe: Everything that can happen does happen, Cox, Jeff Forshaw Brian
1 Cox, Jeff Forshaw Brian The Quantum Universe: Everything that can happen does happen
Allen Lane 2011 1846144329 / 9781846144325 1st Edition Hardcover Very Good/Very Good 
A copy that has been read, but is in excellent condition. Pages are intact and not marred by notes or highlighting. The spine remains undamaged. In The Quantum Universe, Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw approach the world of q uantum mechanics in the same way they did in Why Does E=mc2? and make funda mental scientific principles accessible-and fascinating-to everyone. The subatomic realm has a reputation for weirdness, spawning any number of profound misunderstandings, journeys into Eastern mysticism, and woolly pro nouncements on the interconnectedness of all things. Cox and Forshaw's cont ention? There is no need for quantum mechanics to be viewed this way. There is a lot of mileage in the "weirdness" of the quantum world, and it often leads to confusion and, frankly, bad science. The Quantum Universe cuts thr ough the Wu Li and asks what observations of the natural world made it nece ssary, how it was constructed, and why we are confident that, for all its a pparent strangeness, it is a good theory. The quantum mechanics of The Quantum Universe provide a concrete model of nature that is comparable in its essence to Newton's laws of motion, Maxwell's theory of electricity and magnetism, and Einstein's theory of relativity. 
Price: 700.00 JPY
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2 Feynman, Richard P. Six Easy Pieces: The Fundamentals of Physics Explained (Penguin Press Scien ce)
Penguin Books, Limited (UK) 1998 0140276661 / 9780140276664 Paperback Very Good 
The book has been read, but is in excellent condition. Pages are intact and not marred by notes or highlighting. The spine remains undamaged. Richard Feynman's "Six Easy Pieces: The Fundamentals of Physics Explained" is an essential introduction to the world of physics by one of its greatest teachers and icons. Richard Feynman inspired people around the world with his scientific brilliance, endless curiosity about the world and unorthodox outlook on life. Here he guides the reader through the very basics of physics, including atoms, energy, force, the relation of physics to other sciences, the theory of gravitation and quantum behaviour. Presenting complex ideas in simplified, understandable terms and using illustrations such as shooting bullets, waves on a seashore and even Dennis the Menace's building blocks, "Six Easy Pieces" gets to the heart of how the world works. "One of the very best introductions to physics for the uninitiated". ("Independent"). "If one book was all that could be passed on to the next generation of scientists it would undoubtedly have to be "Six Easy Pieces"". (John Gribbin). "With Feynman as a guide, you can't help wondering why everyone is not turning to science". ("Guardian"). "The greatest physicist of the twentieth century". ("Sunday Times"). Richard P. Feynman (1918-88) was one of this century's most brilliant and original thinkers. He taught at Cornell and the California Institute of Technology and received the Nobel Prize in Physics for his work in quantum electrodynamics. Books by Feynman published by Penguin include "QED", and "The Character of Physical Law". 
Price: 500.00 JPY
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3 Reichenbach, Hans From Copernicus to Einstein
Dover Publications 1980 0486239403 / 9780486239408 Paperback Very Good 
A copy that has been read, but is in excellent condition. Pages are intact and not marred by notes or highlighting. The spine remains undamaged. One of the most highly regarded popular accounts of Einstein's theory of relativity. Simply yet authoritatively, the text traces the consequences of Copernican astronomy and advances in the study of light and electricity, then precisely describes the development of the Special and General Theories of Relativity. 
Price: 450.00 JPY
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Bantam 1994 055356594X / 9780553565942 Paperback Good 
Offering new evidence that electromagnetic fields are a threat to health, a n important book provides simple and inexpensive ways to protect home, fami ly, office, neighborhood, and schools from the possibly devastating effects of EMFs. 
Price: 400.00 JPY
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