Women`s Studies

Women`s Studies

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1 Ade, Sue The New Our Bodies Ourselves
Simon & Schuster Adult Publi 1985 0671460870 / 9780671460877 Paperback Very Good 
Our Bodies, Ourselves for the New Century is the first major revision of th is classic since 1984 and reflects the major changes that have occurred in every area of women's health. It is still the definitive consumer health re ference of all women. This new focus encompasses such controversial issues as: -- Managing "managed care" and the insurance industry -- Questioning breast cancer treatment options -- Recent scientific developments in contraception and reproductive technol ogy, including drug-induced abortions -- Violence as a women's public health issue -- Preventing and living with HIV/AIDS -- The impact of racism on sexuality -- Chiropractic, herbal, and other alternative/complementary therapies, inc luding natural approaches to menopause -- Poverty and racism as major determinants of women's health. 
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Grassroots: A Field Guide for Feminist Activism, Baumgardner, Jennifer
2 Baumgardner, Jennifer Grassroots: A Field Guide for Feminist Activism
Farrar, Straus and Giroux 2004 0374528659 / 9780374528652 Paperback Very Good 
"[L]ike punk rock, feminism is also based on the idea that you, an average schmo, have the power to take matters into your own hands." In this unquest ionably useful, undoubtedly feel-good guide to feminist activism, the autho rs of Manifesta reveal how women can effect change without being highly exp erienced (suburban teenagers and investment bankers can do it), morally irr eproachable (one can protest Nike's labor practices and still wear its shoe s) or dull and unfashionable (Legally Blonde's Elle Woods is an activist--a lbeit a fictional one). As the Elle Woods reference demonstrates, encouragi ng activism in the Sex and the City crowd can be straining, but the authors ' warm, encouraging tone and examples of everyday people doing good--themse lves included--are inspiring. "You don't have to take the world on your sho ulders--you just need to take advantage of the opportunities your life prov ides for creating social justice," they insist. Lauren, a 33-year-old write r at Smart Money, decided to join a lawsuit against her insurance provider for refusing to subsidize birth control; Allison started a feminist group t o fight stereotypes at her Santa Barbara high school; Nisha makes queer-fri endly films about South Asian women. Profiled along with many others, these women each embody Baumgardner and Richard's eloquently argued claim that " activism should be of you, not outside of you." 
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Girlfriends: Invisible Bonds, Enduring Ties, Berry, Carmen Renee
3 Berry, Carmen Renee Girlfriends: Invisible Bonds, Enduring Ties
Wildcat Canyon Press 1995 1885171080 / 9781885171085 Paperback Near Fine 
Carmen Renee Berry and Tamara Traeder celebrate the role female friendships play in women's lives with this endearing study of the many faces these re lationships can take. This book brings to life, warmth and vitality to the subject as they recount women's vast and varied experiences with lifelong f riends, artfully lending credibility to generalizations the authors make. 
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4 Bolen, Jean Shinoda Crossing to Avalon: A Woman's Midlife Quest for the Sacred Feminine
HarperOne 1995 0062502727 / 9780062502728 Paperback As New 
This compilation of experiences, thoughts, scholarly research, and, above a ll, the feelings of a woman at midlife amounts to a revelation. On pilgrima ge to sacred sites including Chartres, Glastonbury, and Iona, Bolen, a phys ician, Jungian analyst, and professor of clinical psychiatry, traces their histories and significance. She relates these places' earliest uses by soci eties with earth-based belief systems to the concept of key energy centers all about the globe, and she links her inner journey of the spirit to her p hysical travels and the primal knowledge of the sacred that women have expe rienced for thousands of years without naming it. This quest for the holy g rail involves more than a personal transformation; it is, she says, everywo man's secret, potential pathway to the roots of her strength and wisdom. An essential addition for collections concerned with women's spirituality and goddess worship. 
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Woman's Inhumanity to Woman (Nation Books), Chessler, Phyllis
5 Chessler, Phyllis Woman's Inhumanity to Woman (Nation Books)
Nation Books 2002 1560253517 / 9781560253518 Hardcover Very Good/Very Good 
A clean hardcover, no markings throughout, NOT an ex-lib book. Why do contemporary women often have such a hard time getting along with each other, at work, and within the family? Why is female friendship so important to women, despite the prevalence of female betrayals? How does the mother-daughter relationship impede women's growth? This book-destined to be a controversial classic-draws on recent biological, psychological, and anthropological research, as well as hundreds of original interviews, to redress the complicated silence that has prevailed about woman's inhumanity to woman. While women may not be aggressive in the same way that men are, cross-cultural studies confirm that girls and women are equally aggressive in "indirect" ways, and mainly toward each other. Women envy and compete against other women, not against men-and tend to deny this, even to themselves. Like men, many women also hold sexist beliefs; often, they are unaware of it. Women depend upon each other for emotional intimacy and bonding, but their power to form cliques, gossip about, and shun one another enforces conformity and discourages self-confidence and psychological clarity from girlhood on. Are women oppressed? Yes. Do oppressed people internalize the oppressor's attitudes? Without a doubt. Women, therefore, must acknowledge their own sexism and gender double-standards before they can practice sisterhood, resist sexism, treat other women ethically, and forge realistic and compassionate personal and political coalitions. "Chesler's work is our public conscience."-Letty Cottoin Pogrebin 
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Women in the Middle Ages, Gies, Joseph
6 Gies, Joseph Women in the Middle Ages
HARPERCOLLINS PUBLISHERS 1979 006464037X / 9780064640374 Paperback Very Good+ 
--New York Times "Many a quaint and amusing side, as well as a wealth of solid information." Correcting the omissions of traditional history, this is "a reliable survey of the real and varied roles played by women in the medieval period. . . . Highly recommended."--Choice 
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7 Hoppe, Stephanie T. And a Deer's Ear, Eagle's Song, and Bear's Grace: Animals and Women
Cleis Pr 1990 0939416395 / 9780939416394 Paperback Near Fine 
And a Deer's Ear, Eagle's Song and Bear's Grace: Animals and Women 
Price: 800.00 JPY
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8 Humez, Jean McMahon Gifts of Power: The Writings of Rebecca Jackson, Black Visionary, Shaker El dress
University of Massachusetts 1987 0870235656 / 9780870235658 Paperback Very Good 
Gifts of Power: The Writings of Rebecca Jackson, Black Visionary, Shaker El dress 
Price: 1350.00 JPY
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9 J The way to become The Sensuous Woman by "J"
Dell 1971 Paperback Very Good 
Some shelf wear and creasing to the cover, otherwise a nice copy of this ra re book. 
Price: 900.00 JPY
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10 Jung, Anees Unveiling India: A Woman's Journey
Penguin Books 1987 0140103449 / 9780140103441 Paperback Very Good 
Social conditions of Indian women; includes author's impressions, 1984. 
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A Whistling Woman Is Up to No Good: Finding Your Wild Woman, King, Laurel
11 King, Laurel A Whistling Woman Is Up to No Good: Finding Your Wild Woman
Celestial Arts 1993 0890876967 / 9780890876961 Paperback Very Good 
This is a book about women finding, nurturing, and utilizing the parts of t heir natures constrained by a repressive, frightened, patriarchal society t hat suspiciously surmises, "A whistling woman is up to no good." Many works on self-actualization promote the freedom and exploration that can result from inner journeys that dare to unlock the passionate. King proffers a hum bler yet grander reward: "A wiId woman is extraordinarily herself," she pos its, for "a woman's wildness is pure" and "both an inner and outer wildness ." She says a healthy conscience--"a compassionate, wise, nurturing aspect of ourselves"--is needed to integrate wilder desires into life and oversee choices so as to keep one from self-destruction. She presents her own and o thers' first-person accounts of this "wild woman journey" and summarily sta tes, "It is frightening to think we might move beyond traditional boundarie s and the approval of others. Yet it is more frightening to think that if w e continue to suppress this natural part of ourselves, we could shatter our chances at a full life." Her counsel is for women who want to run not only with wolves but with their own truest selves. Whitney Scott 
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Women in Therapy, Lerner, Harriet
12 Lerner, Harriet Women in Therapy
Harper Paperbacks 1989 0060972289 / 9780060972288 Paperback Very Good+ 
Maggie Scarf, author of Intimate Matters "The cover should be stamped in bold letters: Not for professionals only. I recommend it highly, for all women and for the men In clear, lively prose, Harriet Lerner takes a bold look at women and the psychotherapists who work with them. 
Price: 400.00 JPY
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13 Nicarthy, Ginny The Ones Who Got Away: Women Who Left Abusive Partners (New Leaf Series)
Seal Press 1987 0931188490 / 9780931188497 Paperback Very Good+ 
NiCarthy (Getting Free) offers the stories of 33 women who have left abusiv e partners, and deftly mixes her commentary with the women's own voices. Th e subjects are notable for their different backgrounds: they come from the city and country, are black, white, Indian, come from broken homes, stable families, are straight and gay. But they have experiences that are eerily a like: most of them describe partners who in the beginning were tender and l oving but who eventually became monsters, often under the influence of alco hol or drugs or both. Many of the women believed that if they were only a b it more understanding, considerate, or tolerant that things would change. ( "I can change him. I can rescue him.") And often what finally compelled the women to leave their partners was the threat of or actual abuse of their c hildren. NiCarthy has done a service to those who need help getting out of abusive relationships as well as shedding light on the thoughts and feeling s of women in such relationships. This is a sad, simple, powerful book. 
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14 Partnow, Elaine New Quotable Woman: From Eve to the Present Day
Headline Book Publishing 1993 0747208638 / 9780747208631 1st Edition Hardcover Very GoodVery Good 
A tight clean hardback, no markings throughout: A treasury of more than 15,000 quotations from women throughout the world and throughout history. 
Price: 1500.00 JPY
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Woman's Consciousness, Man's World, Rowbotham, Sheila
15 Rowbotham, Sheila Woman's Consciousness, Man's World
Penguin 1974 0140217177 / 9780140217179 Paperback Very Good 

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Sky Train: Tibetan Women on the Edge of History, Sam, Canyon
16 Sam, Canyon Sky Train: Tibetan Women on the Edge of History
University of Washington Pre 2009 029598953X / 9780295989532 Paperback Very Good 
Through a lyrical narrative of her journey to Tibet in 2007, activist Canyo n Sam contemplates modern history from the perspective of Tibetan women. Tr aveling on China's new "Sky Train," she celebrates Tibetan New Year with th e Lhasa family whom she'd befriended decades earlier and concludes an oral- history project with women elders. As she uncovers stories of Tibetan women's courage, resourcefulness, and sp iritual strength in the face of loss and hardship since the Chinese occupat ion of Tibet in 1950, and observes the changes wrought by the controversial new rail line in the futuristic "new Lhasa," Sam comes to embrace her own capacity for letting go, for faith, and for acceptance. Her glimpse of Tibe t's past through the lens of the women - a visionary educator, a freedom fi ghter, a gulag survivor, and a child bride - affords her a unique perspecti ve on the state of Tibetan culture today - in Tibet, in exile, and in the w idening Tibetan diaspora. Gracefully connecting the women's poignant histories to larger cultural, po litical, and spiritual themes, the author comes full circle, finding wisdom and wholeness even as she acknowledges Tibet's irreversible changes. For more about the author, go to http://www.canyonsam.com/skytrain.html 
Price: 700.00 JPY
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The Shadow King: The Invisible Force That Holds Women Back, Stone, Sidra
17 Stone, Sidra The Shadow King: The Invisible Force That Holds Women Back
Nataraj Pub 1997 1882591313 / 9781882591312 Paperback As New 
Women's power, sexuality, relationship roles, and emotions - all are uncons ciously influenced by a compelling inner voice echoing thousands of years o f patriarchal beliefs. The Shadow King reveals this voice and examines its power. It shows how to transform this Inner Patriarch from an unseen enemy to a powerful ally, enabling each woman to claim her full, and unique, femi nine power. 
Price: 650.00 JPY
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18 Sullerot, Evelyne Women on Love: Eight Centuries of Feminine Writing
J Norman 1980 0906908248 / 9780906908242 Paperback Very Good+ 

Price: 800.00 JPY
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Fire with Fire: The New Female Power and How It Will Change the 21st Centur y, Wolf, Naomi
19 Wolf, Naomi Fire with Fire: The New Female Power and How It Will Change the 21st Centur y
Random House 1993 067942718X / 9780679427186 1st Edition Hardcover Near Fine/Near Fine 
Feminist author of the bestselling The Beauty Myth , Wolf has written an em powering, impassioned manifesto that points the way toward a flexible femin ism for the 1990s and beyond. Part political analysis, part psychological m anual, part activist handbook, the book argues that women should renounce " victim feminism," which casts them as sexually pure, fragile, beleaguered c reatures whose problems are all the fault of men. As an alternative, Wolf o utlines an anti-dogmatic "power feminism" which sees women as no better and no worse than men, celebrates female sexuality and encourages women to cla im their individual voices through a variety of tactics. These include "res ource groups" for sharing contacts and increasing access to information and services; consumer campaigns; and pressure on the media to alter their por trayals of women. Wolf theorizes that little girls, as much as boys, have f antasies of absolute dominion but learn to repress their "will to power" at a very early age. Wolf here sketches a psychological road map designed to help women deal with their ambivalence about success, power, equality and m oney. 
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20 Yu-Ning, Li Chinese Women Through Chinese Eyes (East Gate Books)
M.E. Sharpe 1997 0873325974 / 9780873325974 Paperback Very Good+ 
A crisp clean softcover, no markings throughout: Text: English (translation) Original Language: Chinese 
Price: 700.00 JPY
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