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1 Abrams, M. H. Natural Supernaturalism: Tradition and Revolution in Romantic Literature (N orton Library
W. W. Norton & Company 1973 0393006093 / 9780393006094 Paperback Very Good 
A copy that has been read, but is in excellent condition. Pages are intact and not marred by notes or highlighting. "The first modern study of the Romantic achievement, its origins and evolut ion both in theory and practice."-Stuart M. Sperry, Jr., Indiana Unviersity In this remarkable new book, M. H. Abrams definitively studies the Romanti c Age (1789-1835)-the age in which Shelley claimed that "the literature of England has arisen as it were from a new birth." Abrams shows that the majo r poets of the age had in common important themes, modes of expression, and ways of feeling and imagining; that the writings of these poets were an in tegral part of a comprehensive intellectual tendency which manifested itsel f in philosophy as well as poetry, in England and in Germany; and that this tendency was causally related to drastic political and social changes of t he age. But Abrams offers more than a work of scholarship, for he ranges before and after, to place the age in Western culture. he reveals what is traditional and what is revolutionary in the period, providing insights into those same two forces in the ideas of today. He shows that central Romantic ideas and forms of imagination were secularized versions of traditional theological concepts, imagery, and design, and that modern literature participates in the same process. Our comprehension of this age and of our own time is deepened by a work astonishing in its learning, vision, and humane understanding. 
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Tutankhamun's Egypt, Aldred, Cyril
2 Aldred, Cyril Tutankhamun's Egypt
British Broadcasting Corpora 1972 0563122145 / 9780563122142 Paperback Very Good 
A crisp clean softcover, no markings throughout, NOT an ex-lib edition: (IN SCRIBED BY AUTHOR) 
Price: 350.00 JPY
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3 Alexander, Caroline The Bounty: The True Story of the Mutiny on the Bounty
Viking Adult 2003 067003133X / 9780670031337 Hardcover Very Good/Very Good 
More than two centuries have passed since Master's Mate Fletcher Christian mutinied against Lieutenant Bligh on a small, armed transport vessel called Bounty. Why the details of this obscure adventure at the end of the world remain vivid and enthralling is as intriguing as the truth behind the legen d. In giving the Bounty mutiny its historical due, Caroline Alexander has chos en to frame her narrative by focusing on the court-martial of the ten mutin eers who were captured in Tahiti and brought to justice in England. This fr esh perspective wonderfully revivifies the entire saga, and the salty, colo rful language of the captured men themselves conjures the events of that Ap ril morning in 1789, when Christian's breakdown impelled every man on a fat eful course: Bligh and his loyalists on the historic open boat voyage that revealed him to be one of history's great navigators; Christian on his rest less exile; and the captured mutineers toward their day in court. As the bo ok unfolds, each figure emerges as a full-blown character caught up in a dr ama that may well end on the gallows. And as Alexander shows, it was in a d esperate fight to escape hanging that one of the accused defendants deliber ately spun the mutiny into the myth we know today-of the tyrannical Lieuten ant Bligh of the Bounty. Ultimately, Alexander concludes that the Bounty mutiny was sparked by that most unpredictable, combustible, and human of situations-the chemistry between strong personalities living in close quarters. Her account of the voyage, the trial, and the surprising fates of Bligh, Christian, and the mutineers is an epic of ambition, passion, pride, 
Price: 1600.00 JPY
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McCrae's Battalion: The Story of the 16th Royal Scots, Alexander, Jack
4 Alexander, Jack McCrae's Battalion: The Story of the 16th Royal Scots
Mainstream Publishing 2004 1840189320 / 9781840189322 Paperback Very Good+ 
A crisp clean softcover, no markings throughout, not an ex-lib edition: After 12 years of exacting historical detective work, Jack Alexander has reclaimed the 16th Royal Scots for posterity. This volume draws upon interviews with veterans and an archive of letters, diaries, and photographs, assembled from the families of more than 1,000 of Sir George McCrae's men. 
Price: 700.00 JPY
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5 Allin, Michael Zarafa: A Giraffe's True Story, from Deep in Africa to the Heart of Paris
Walker & Company 1998 0802713394 / 9780802713391 1st Edition Hardcover Fine/Fine 
A highly collectible first edition, tight clean copy, protected in a new br odart wrapper, no inscriptions, unclipped dustjacket, this is not an Ex-Lib or a BCE/BOMC edition. The baby giraffe was captured in the highlands of Ethiopia and taken to Khartoum. She sailed down the Nile to Alexandria and across the Mediterranean to Marseilles, where she wintered. In April 1827, Zarafa started a 550-mile walk to Paris. She was accompanied by her Nubian handler, three milk cows, two Mouflon sheep, an antelope and one of the foremost scientists of the time, Geoffrey Saint-Hilaire. Zarafa was a gift to Charles X from the Ottoman viceroy to Egypt, Muhammad Ali, who wanted to forge a link with France. 
Price: 1700.00 JPY
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A History of God: The 4000-Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, Armstrong, Karen
6 Armstrong, Karen A History of God: The 4000-Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity and Islam
Ballantine Books 1994 0749306920 / 9780749306922 Paperback Very Good 
A copy that has been read, but is in excellent condition. Pages are intact and not marred by notes or highlighting. The spine remains undamaged. One of England's foremost religious commentators, the author of Beginning the World explores the evolution of the idea and experience of God, from Abraham to the present. 25,000 first printing. $30,000 ad/promo. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. 
Price: 500.00 JPY
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7 Bann, Stephen Romanticism and the Rise of History (Twayne's Studies in Intellectual and C ultural History)
Twayne Pub 1995 0805786198 / 9780805786194 Paperback Near Fine 
In excellent condition. Pages are intact and not marred by notes or highlig hting. The spine remains undamaged. 
Price: 3000.00 JPY
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The Whole Journey: Shakespeare's Power of Development, Barber, C. L.
8 Barber, C. L. The Whole Journey: Shakespeare's Power of Development
University of California Pre 1989 0520066227 / 9780520066229 Paperback Very Good+ 
A clean softcover, no markings throughout, NOT an ex-lib book: Through explorations of individual plays and of patterns that shape the entire canon, The Whole Journey illuminates dramatic, psychological, and historical concerns central to our understanding of Shakespeare. 
Price: 600.00 JPY
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9 Bark, William C. Origins of the Medieval World
Stanford University Press 1958 0804705143 / 9780804705141 Paperback Very Good 

Price: 600.00 JPY
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10 Barsali, Isa Belli Medieval Goldsmith's Work 71 Plates in Full Colour
PAUL HAMLYN 1969 Hardcover Very Good+/Very Good+ 
A tight clean copy, protected in a new brodart wrapper. Paul Hamlyn Books of London. Printed on a heavy coated stock, it includes 71 full color plates. Visually spectacular, it is also a very intellectually gratifying and educational read. Principal emphasis is on the work of goldsmiths from Medieval Europe, the Byzantine Empire, and Romanesque and Gothic periods. 
Price: 4000.00 JPY
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11 Bartlett, Christopher John The Special Relationship: A Political History of Anglo-American Relations S ince 1945
Longman Group United Kingdom 1992 0582023955 / 9780582023956 Paperback Near Fine 
A crisp clean softcover no markings throughout: Circumstances, and common enemies, have kept Britain and the United States in close partnership for much of the twentieth century, but the relationship -- however 'special' at times -- was not automatic or even instinctive. Indeed, it has often been dominated by economic disputes. Through the eyes of contemporary British and American policy-makers, Professor Bartlett reconstructs changing official perceptions of the relationship; explains what respective governments hope to get out of it; and shows that, while a 'special relationship' often existed, it was never constant, nor could there be any guarantee of its permanence. For students of politics, contemporary and diplomatic history, international relations, and current affairs. 
Price: 4000.00 JPY
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12 Basbanes, Nicholas A. A Gentle Madness: Bibliophiles, Bibliomanes, and the Eternal Passion for Bo oks
Holt Paperbacks 1999 0805061762 / 9780805061765 Paperback Near Fine 
A crisp clean softcover, no markings throughout: What a delightful book about books and people who love books! As a second generation bibliophile, a possible bibliomane who had several people move out of my house a year ago because they erroneously believed that my books were taking over the household, and a devout employee of "Earth's Biggest Bookstore," I can vouch that Basbanes accurately describes the glorious role of book collectors as archivists of human knowledge, and -- in continual counterpoint -- sometimes pathologically obsessed book junkies. 
Price: 1200.00 JPY
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Becoming Americans in Paris: Transatlantic Politics and Culture between the World Wars, Blower, Brooke L.
13 Blower, Brooke L. Becoming Americans in Paris: Transatlantic Politics and Culture between the World Wars
Oxford University Press 2013 0199927588 / 9780199927586 Paperback Very Good 
Americans often look back on Paris between the world wars as a charming esc ape from the enduring inequalities and reactionary politics of the United S tates. In this bold and original study, Brooke Blower shows that nothing co uld be further from the truth. She reveals the breadth of American activiti es in the capital, the lessons visitors drew from their stay, and the passi onate responses they elicited from others. For many sojourners-not just for the most famous expatriate artists and writers- Paris served as an importa nt crossroads, a place where Americans reimagined their position in the wor ld and grappled with what it meant to be American in the new century, even as they came up against conflicting interpretations of American power by ot hers. Interwar Paris may have been a capital of the arts, notorious for its pleasures, but it was also smoldering with radical and reactionary plots, suffused with noise, filth, and chaos, teeming with immigrants and refugees, communist rioters, fascism admirers, overzealous police, and obnoxious tourists. Sketching Americans' place in this evocative landscape, Blower shows how arrivals were drawn into the capital's battles, both wittingly and unwittingly. Americans in Paris found themselves on the front lines of an emerging culture of political engagements-a transatlantic matrix of causes and connections, which encompassed debates about "Americanization" and "anti-American" protests during the Sacco-Vanzetti affair as well as a host of other international incidents. Blower carefully depicts how these controversies and a backdrop of polarized European politics honed Americans' political 
Price: 2500.00 JPY
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14 Braudel, Fernand A History of Civilizations
Penguin Publishing Group 1995 0140124896 / 9780140124897 Paperback Very Good 
Written from a consciously anti-enthnocentric approach, this fascinating wo rk is a survey of the civilizations of the modern world in terms of the bro ad sweep and continuities of history, rather than the "event-based" techniq ue of most other texts. 
Price: 500.00 JPY
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15 Brondsted, Johannes The Vikings (Pelican Books)
Penguin Books 1960 0140204598 / 9780140204599 Paperback Good 

Price: 400.00 JPY
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16 Bryson, Bill At Home: A Short History of Private Life
Anchor Canada 2011 0385661649 / 9780385661645 Paperback Near Fine 
From the author of that classic of modern science writing, A Short History of Nearly Everything, comes a work of what you might call domestic science: our homes, how they work, and the fascinating history of how they got that way. Bill Bryson and his family live in a Victorian parsonage in a part of Engla nd where nothing of any great significance has happened since the Romans de camped. Yet one day, he began to consider how very little he knew about the ordinary things of life as found in that comfortable home. To remedy this, he formed the idea of journeying about his house from room to room to "wri te a history of the world without leaving home." The bathroom provides the occasion for a history of hygiene; the bedroom, sex, death, and sleep; the kitchen, nutrition and the spice trade; and so on, as Bryson shows how each has figured in the evolution of private life. Whatever happens in the worl d, he demostrates, ends up in our house, in the paint and the pipes and the pillows and every item of furniture. From the Hardcover edition. 
Price: 900.00 JPY
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The Tomb of Tutankamen, Carter, Howard
17 Carter, Howard The Tomb of Tutankamen
National Geographic 2003 0792268903 / 9780792268901 Paperback As New 
A crisp clean softcover, no markings throughout: Introduction by Anthony Brandt. "Feverishly we cleared away...the passage before the doorway, until we had only the clean sealed doorway before us.... We made a tiny breach in the to p left hand corner to see what was beyond. There was naturally short suspense for those present who could not see, whe n Lord Carnarvon said to me ?Can you see anything,' I replied to him ?Yes, it is wonderful'.... Our sensations and astonishment are difficult to descr ibe as the better light revealed to us the marvellous collection of treasur es: two strange ebony-black effigies of a King, gold sandalled, bearing sta ff and mace, loomed out from the cloak of darkness; gilded couches in stran ge forms, lion-headed, Hathor-headed, and beast infernal...strange black sh rines with a gilded monster snake appearing from within...a golden inlaid t hrone.... Our sensations were bewildering and full of strange emotion. Was it a tomb or merely a cache? A sealed doorway between the two sentinel stat ues proved there was more beyond and with the numerous cartouches bearing t he name of Tutankhamen...there was little doubt that there behind was the g rave of that Pharaoh." Howard Carter did not live long enough to write further about his finds, and The Tomb of Tutankhamen stands as his only record of the extraordinary discovery. Abridged from the original three volumes, this National Geographic Adventure Classics edition features 25 black-and-white photos taken at the time of the excavation, as well as a map of the Valley of the Kings and the tomb. This classic adventure tells the story of a journey that may never 
Price: 900.00 JPY
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18 Cary, John H. The Social Fabric Volume Two
Little, Brown 1984 0316130737 / 9780316130738 Paperback Very Good 
Includes bibliographies. v. 1. American life from 1607 to 1877 -- v. 2. Ame rican life from the Civil War to the present. 
Price: 615.00 JPY
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The Book of the Courtier (Everyman's Library, Castiglione, Baldassare
19 Castiglione, Baldassare The Book of the Courtier (Everyman's Library
Everyman Paperbacks 1994 0460875027 / 9780460875028 Paperback Very Good 
For centuries, Catiglione's perfect courtier provided a model for the educa ted classes of Europe; but its colorful dialogues explore vital ethical iss ues: Should the courtier consciously use "image-management" or rely on natu ral talents to gain attention? Should he obey the orders of an immoral prin ce? Sexual equality, modesty and the province of wit are contemplated by ni neteen men and four women in this work which influenced Wyatt, Sidney, Spen ser, Shakespeare, and later Yeats. 
Price: 450.00 JPY
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20 Corbett, William Literary New England: A History and Guide
Faber & Faber 1993 0571198163 / 9780571198160 Paperback Fine 
For readers interested in literary trivia, this guide to author haunts in s ix New England states is a treasure. Did you know Cummington, Massachusetts , was the home of William Cullen Bryant; that Willa Cather often took two r ooms during the summer at the Shattuck Inn down the hill from the village o f Jaffrey Center, New Hampshire; and that Edgar Allan Poe visited Providenc e, Rhode Island, in pursuit of the poet Sarah Helen Whitman? Corbett, a for mer poet-in-residence and writing teacher, mentions hundreds of authors (no ne currently living) who spent an hour or a lifetime in New England towns a nd cities. Arranged by town within each state, paragraphs, and occasionally pages, describe the significance of the place to the classic author. There are no maps. Entertaining but not essential. 
Price: 900.00 JPY
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