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1 Eicholz, Robert E. Addison-Wesley Mathematics Grade 6
Addison-Wesley Pub 1995 0201865068 / 9780201865066 Hardcover Fine/No DJ as Issued 

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Flanagan's Version, Flanagan, Dennis
2 Flanagan, Dennis Flanagan's Version
Vintage 1989 0679721568 / 9780679721567 Paperback Very Good 
A tight clean softcover, no markings throughout: Flanagan's writing makes science accessible and exciting. He shows how science is an important, cultural activity--one which he has found continuously fascinating in his 37 years as an editor of Scientific American. Selecting four areas--physics, astronomy, geology, and biology--he examines the discoveries which he believes make them the areas of most significant growth at the present time. He has not included medicine because he thinks the greatest changes are yet to come with the further development of molecular biology. Weaving together narratives which include interesting anecdotes about the scientists, the circumstances of their work, historical fact, and scientific facts, Flanagan offers a book that fits together beautifully and makes the point that modern scientists are "travelers on a common road," for advances in one field often have impact on knowledge in another. This book will encourage many readers to become interested in science as a career because of the excitement and vision it conveys. 
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Study and Solutions Guide for Calculus, Heyd, David E.
3 Heyd, David E. Study and Solutions Guide for Calculus
D.C. Heath 1994 0669342297 / 9780669342291 Paperback Very Good 

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Chaos: The New Science, Holte, John
4 Holte, John Chaos: The New Science
University Press of America 1993 0819189340 / 9780819189349 Paperback Very Good 
The role of chaos in science and mathematics is examined in detail by the e ssays that comprise this work. Distinguished scholars specializing in mathe matics, physics, and chemistry discuss the following subjects: Fractals, by Benoit Mandelbrot; The Causality Principle, Deterministic Laws and Chaos, by Heinz-Otto Peitgen; The Transition to Chaos, by Mitchell Feigenbaum; Tim e, Dynamics and Chaos: Integrating Poincare's 'Non-Integrable Systems', by Ilya Prigogine; What Is Chaos, by Steve Smale; Chaos and Cosmos: A Theologi cal Approach, by John Polkinghorne; and Chaos and Beyond, by James Gleick. Introduction by John Holte. This volume is number 26 in the Nobel Conferenc e Series. Co-published with the Nobel Conference. 
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Learning Vedic Mathematics on First Principles, Kapoor, Dr. S.K.
5 Kapoor, Dr. S.K. Learning Vedic Mathematics on First Principles
Lotus 2006 8183820441 / 9788183820448 Paperback Very Good 
Need of hour is to reach at the basics of ancient wisdom to remain on the p ositive side of flow intelligence. The main stream flow of intelligence fol lows the path of fundamental unity of human mind, parallel to it runs the o rganization format of whole range of knowledge as a single discipline. The present set of five books of Vedic mathematics basics, sequentially cover all fundamental phases and stages of teaching and learning of Vedic mathematics basics on their basis on first principles and aim to attain perfection of intelligence for the students. --This text refers to an alternate Paperback edition. 
Price: 350.00 JPY
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Phonology: A Cognitive View / Edition 1, Kaye, Jonathan
6 Kaye, Jonathan Phonology: A Cognitive View / Edition 1
9780805804669 1989 0805804668 / 9780805804669 Paperback Very Good 
A copy that has been read, but is in excellent condition. Pages are intact and not marred by notes or highlighting. The spine remains undamaged. Designed to acquaint the reader with the field of phonology - the study of the systems of linguistically significant sounds - this book begins with a brief introduction to linguistics and a discussion of phonology's place wit hin that field. It then goes on to cover a variety of topics including the nature of phonological units, phonological rules, which types of phenomena interest phonologists, and the evolution of phonological theory. Suitable for many applications, this volume assumes no previous knowledge of linguistics. An excellent text for use in first or second year phonology courses, it will also be of value to those involved in cognitive science, neuroscience, artificial intelligence and computer science. 
Price: 500.00 JPY
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Foundations of Potential Theory (Dover Books on Physics), Kellogg, Oliver D.
7 Kellogg, Oliver D. Foundations of Potential Theory (Dover Books on Physics)
Dover Publications 2010 0486601447 / 9780486601441 Paperback Very Good 
Introduction to fundamentals of potential functions covers the force of gra vity, fields of force, potentials, harmonic functions, electric images and Green's function, sequences of harmonic functions, fundamental existence th eorems, the logarithmic potential, and much more. Detailed proofs rigorousl y worked out. 
Price: 800.00 JPY
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The Pleasures of Counting, Körner, T. W.
8 Körner, T. W. The Pleasures of Counting
Cambridge University Press 1996 0521568234 / 9780521568234 Paperback Very Good 
A copy that has been read, but is in excellent condition. Pages are intact and not marred by notes or highlighting. The spine remains undamaged. In this engaging and readable book, Dr. Körner describes a variety of lively topics that continue to intrigue professional mathematicians. The topics range from the design of anchors and the Battle of the Atlantic to the outbreak of cholera in Victorian Soho. The author uses relatively simple terms and ideas, yet explains difficulties and avoids condescension. If you are a mathematician who wants to explain to others how you spend your working days, then seek inspiration here. This book will appeal to everyone interested in the uses of mathematics. 
Price: 5000.00 JPY
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Mathematician's Delight (Penguin mathematics), Sawyer, W. W.
9 Sawyer, W. W. Mathematician's Delight (Penguin mathematics)
Penguin Books 1991 0140130349 / 9780140130348 Paperback Good 
'The main object of this book is to dispel the fear of mathematics. Many pe ople regard mathematicians as a race apart, possessed of almost supernatura l powers. While this is very flattering for successful mathematicians, it i s very bad for those who, for one reason or another, are attempting to lear n the subject.'W.W. Sawyer's deep understanding of how we learn and his liv ely, practical approach have made this an ideal introduction to mathematics for generations of readers. By starting at the level of simple arithmetic and algebra and then proceeding step by step through graphs, logarithms and trigonometry to calculus and the dizzying world of imaginary numbers, the book takes the mystery out of maths. Throughout, Sawyer reveals how theory is subordinate to the real-life applications of mathematics - the Pyramids were built on Euclidean principles three thousand years before Euclid formu lated them - and celebrates the sheer intellectual stimulus of mathematics at its best. 
Price: 350.00 JPY
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Thinking about Mathematics: The Philosophy of Mathematics, Shapiro, Stewart
10 Shapiro, Stewart Thinking about Mathematics: The Philosophy of Mathematics
Oxford University Press 2000 0192893068 / 9780192893062 Paperback Very Good 
This unique book by Stewart Shapiro looks at a range of philosophical issue s and positions concerning mathematics in four comprehensive sections. Part I describes questions and issues about mathematics that have motivated phi losophers since the beginning of intellectual history. Part II is an histor ical survey, discussing the role of mathematics in the thought of such phil osophers as Plato, Aristotle, Kant, and Mill. Part III covers the three maj or positions held throughout the twentieth century: the idea that mathemati cs is logic (logicism), the view that the essence of mathematics is the rul e-governed manipulation of characters (formalism), and a revisionist philos ophy that focuses on the mental activity of mathematics (intuitionism). Fin ally, Part IV brings the reader up-to-date with a look at contemporary deve lopments within the discipline. This sweeping introductory guide to the phi losophy of mathematics makes these fascinating concepts accessible to those with little background in either mathematics or philosophy. 
Price: 3000.00 JPY
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11 Slavin, Steve All the Math You'll Ever Need: A Self-Teaching Guide
Wiley 1999 0471317519 / 9780471317517 Paperback Very Good 
A copy that has been read, but is in excellent condition. Pages are intact and not marred by notes or highlighting. The spine remains undamaged. A sharp mind, like a healthy body, is subject to the same rule of nature: U se it or lose it Need a calculator just to work out a 15 percent service charge? Not exactly sure how to get the calculator to give you the figure you need? Turn to th is revised and updated edition of All the Math You'll Ever Need, the friend liest, funniest, and easiest workout program around. In no time, you'll have total command of all the powerful mathematical tool s needed to make numbers work for you. In a dollars-and-cents, bottom-line world, where numbers influence everything, none of us can afford to let our math skills atrophy. This step-by-step personal math trainer: Refreshes practical math skills for your personal and professional needs, w ith examples based on everyday situations. Offers straightforward techniques for working with decimals and fractions. Demonstrates simple ways to figure discounts, calculate mortgage interest r ates, and work out time, rate, and distance problems. Contains no complex formulas and no unnecessary technical terms. 
Price: 500.00 JPY
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Overcoming Math Anxiety, Tobias, Sheila
12 Tobias, Sheila Overcoming Math Anxiety
W. W. Norton & Company 1995 0393313077 / 9780393313079 Paperback Very Good 
Sheila Tobias said it first: mathematics avoidance is not a failure of inte llect, but a failure of nerve. When this book was first published in 1978, Tobias's political and psychological analysis brought hope and made "math a nxiety" a household expression. The new edition retains the author's pungen t analysis of what makes math "hard" for otherwise successful people and ho w women, more than men, become victims of a gendered view of math. It has b een substantially updated to incorporate new research on what we know and d on't know about "sex differences" in brain organization and function, and i t has been enlarged to include problems, puzzles, and strategies tried out in hundreds of math anxiety workshops Tobias and her colleagues have sponso red. What remains unchanged is the author's politics. She sees "math anxiety" as a political issue. So long as people themselves to be disabled in mathematics and do not rise up and confront the social and pedagogical origins of their disabilities, they will be denied "math mental health." Tobias defines this as "the willingness to learn the math you need when you need it." In an ever more technical society, having that willingness can make the difference between high and low self-esteem, failure and success. 
Price: 500.00 JPY
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S.S.M.The  Nature of Mathematics (Ninth Edition), Watnik, Steven M.
13 Watnik, Steven M. S.S.M.The Nature of Mathematics (Ninth Edition)
Brooks/Cole 2001 0534379850 / 9780534379858 Paperback Near Fine 

Price: 800.00 JPY
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Flanagan's Version, Flanagan, Dennis
Flanagan's Version

S.S.M.The  Nature of Mathematics (Ninth Edition), Watnik, Steven M.
S.S.M.The Nature of Mathematics (Ninth Edition)


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