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1 Anthony, Piers BLUE ADEPT
Del Rey 1987 0345352459 / 9780345352453 Paperback Very Good+ 
In Book Two of the epic adventure that began in SPLIT INFINITY, Stile disco vers life on Proton and Phaze is getting more difficult. On Proton he's a s erf trying to prove his right to exist by competing in the Great Games. And on Phaze, where only magic worked, he was the Blue Adept trying to master the powers of sorcery. On both worlds, someone was trying to assassinate hi m. And as if that weren't enough, he has to win the love of Lady Blue, figh t a dragon, discover the ultimate weapon, and of course, seek out the all-p owerful Citizen who was trying to kill him! THE APPRENTICE ADEPT SERIES Book One: SPLIT INFINITY Book Two: BLUE ADEPT Book Three: JUXTAPOSITION. 
Price: 470.00 JPY
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2 Anthony, Piers FIREFLY
William Morrow & Co 1990 0688097057 / 9780688097059 First Hardcover Very Good/Very Good 
Using the same Florida setting as his horror novel Shade of the Tree , Anth ony here conjures up a nightmarish creature who stalks humans through sexua l attraction and leaves them grotesquely sucked dry of their protoplasm. Wh en bodies reduced to skin and skeleton are found on a remote wildlife sanct uary, the reclusive owner of the estate refuses to call in outside help to track down the killer. His employees are left to fend for themselves agains t the menace of a predator who lures them in the way a firefly traps its pr ey--by emitting pheromones, powerfully sexual chemicals--and uses digestive acids to dissolve the bodies of its victims. Speculating about the power o f an alien monster to decimate the human race, Anthony devotes much of the narrative to plumbing his characters' past experiences, many of them couche d in allegorical terms, and examining the differences between love and sex, with emphasis on sexual abuse. 
Price: 900.00 JPY
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3 Anthony, Piers FIREFLY
Avon Books 1992 0380759500 / 9780380759507 Paperback Good 
When a fleshless corpse is found on a Florida estate, a reclusive caretaker , an investigative reporter, a police officer, and a woman discover that a creature whose victims die in a frenzied state of sexual ecstasy is preying on human beings. 
Price: 500.00 JPY
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4 Anthony, Piers ISLE OF VIEW
Eos 1990 0380759470 / 9780380759477 Paperback Very Good 
Lovelorn Loveworn Love Lost Perplexed Prince Dolph, Xanth's precocious shapeshifter, should be in love but isn't. Nonetheless, he must chose between two fiancées -- Nada the uninterested and Electra the uninteresting -- or all three of them will suffer the most dire consequences. Luckily a convenient catastrophe has popped up to distract Dolph form his dilemma -- the foal-napping of young Che Centaur by goblins. And the only one who knows where Che is is a nice but remarkably naive elflike gir named Jenny from the World of Two Moons. If anyone can save the missing centaur...she sure can't. 
Price: 500.00 JPY
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5 Anthony, Piers MAN FROM MUNDANIA
Avon Books 1990 0450490904 / 9780450490903 Paperback Very Good 
The third story in the "Magic of Xanth" trilogy shows Xanth three years aft er Prince Dolph's search for the Good Magician Humphrey. Electra has electr a-plated the Heaven Cent whom Dolph's sister Ivy invokes to help her contin ue the Quest. The author has also written "Vale of the Vole" 
Price: 500.00 JPY
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6 Anthony, Piers OUT OF PHAZE
Ace 1988 0441644651 / 9780441644650 Paperback Very Good 
Two worlds--the scientific Proton, and the magical Phaze--exist side-by-sid e. Now, Mach has crossed from Proton to Phaze, switching places with his co unterpart Bane. And both must learn to survive in environments alien to the ir own nature. 
Price: 450.00 JPY
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7 Anthony, Piers QUESTION QUEST
Eos 1991 0380759489 / 9780380759484 Paperback Very Good 
Youth is Wasted on the Young Being grown up is a drag . . . or so thinks Lacuna, one of the michievous Castle Zombie twins. So she makes the Good Magician Grey an an offer he can't refuse. Thirsty for a taste of the Elixir of Youth, she'll help him outwit the evil Com-Pewter if he'll send her to Hell (in a handbasket, no less) to find Humphrey, the missing sorcerer. And while there, she'll learn the True History of Xanth (simplified) and help rescue a blushing Rose from the demon X(A/N) . . . with the help of a gorgon or two. 
Price: 400.00 JPY
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Eos 1992 0380759497 / 9780380759491 Paperback Very Good+ 
We See England, We See Xanth, We See Mels's Underpanth In fact, Gwenny Goblin, Che Centaur and Jenny Elf are just about the only creatures on Xanth who have been spared the sight of Mela Merwoman's undergarment -- preoccupied as they are with helping Gwenny beat out her awful half-brother Gobble for chiefship of the goblin horde. But first they must master space and thyme . . . and find the fabulous egg that sits between the Roc and the hard place. While Mela -- who would gladly relinquish her oft-viewed undies for a new husband -- joins the Adult Conspiracy . . . and quickly discovers the power of a perfect pair of panties! 
Price: 400.00 JPY
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