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1 Anderson, Kevin J. DARKSABER
Spectra 1996 0553576119 / 9780553576115 Paperback Very Good 
A crisp clean softcover, no markings throughout: Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, cloaked by the Force and riding with the hosti le Sand People, have returned to the dunes of the desert planet Tatooine in hopes of finding what Luke so desperately seeks: contact with Obi-Wan Keno bi. Luke is hoping the old Jedi Knight's spirit will tell him how to help h is love, Callista, regain her lost ability to use the Force. Tormented and haunted, Luke cannot rest until Callista is a Jedi in the fullest sense, fo r only then will the link between their minds and souls be restored. Yet br ewing on Tatooine is news that will shake Luke and Han and threaten everyth ing they value. The disturbing piece of information is that the evil Hutts, criminal warlor ds of the galaxy, are building a secret superweapon: a reconstruction of th e original Death Star, to be named Darksaber. This planet-crushing power wi ll be in the ruthless hands of Durga the Hutt -- a creature without conscie nce or mercy. But there is worse news yet: the Empire lives. The beautiful Admiral Daala, still very much alive and more driven than ever to destroy the Jedi, has j oined forces with the defeated Pellaeon, former second in command to Grand Admiral Thrawn. Together they are marshaling Imperial forces to wipe out th e New Republic. Now, as Luke, Han, Leia, Chewbacca, Artoo and Threepio regroup to face thes e threats, they are joined by new Jedi Knights and Callista. Together they must fight on two fronts, outshooting and outsmarting the most formidable enemies in the galaxy. In Darksaber the Jedi are heading for the ultimate test of their power--a test in which all the temptati. 
Price: 200.00 JPY
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2 Anderson, Kevin J. Herbert Brian; HUNTERS OF DUNE
Hodder & Stoughton 2006 0340837497 / 9780340837498 Paperback Very Good 
Hunters of Dune and the concluding volume, Sandworms of Dune, bring togethe r the great story lines and beloved characters in Frank Herbert's classic D une universe, ranging from the time of the Butlerian Jihad to the original Dune series and beyond. Based directly on Frank Herbert's final outline, wh ich lay hidden in a safe-deposit box for a decade, these two volumes will f inally answer the urgent questions Dune fans have been debating for two dec ades. At the end of Chapterhouse: Dune--Frank Herbert's final novel--a ship carry ing the ghola of Duncan Idaho, Sheeana (a young woman who can control sandw orms), and a crew of various refugees escapes into the uncharted galaxy, fl eeing from the monstrous Honored Matres, dark counterparts to the Bene Gess erit Sisterhood. The nearly invincible Honored Matres have swarmed into the known universe, driven from their home by a terrifying, mysterious Enemy. As designed by the creative genius of Frank Herbert, the primary story of H unters and Sandworms is the exotic odyssey of Duncan's no-ship as it is for ced to elude the diabolical traps set by the ferocious, unknown Enemy. To s trengthen their forces, the fugitives have used genetic technology from Scy tale, the last Tleilaxu Master, to revive key figures from Dune's past-incl uding Paul Muad'Dib and his beloved Chani, Lady Jessica, Stilgar, Thufir Ha wat, and even Dr. Wellington Yueh. Each of these characters will use their special talents to meet the challenges thrown at them. Failure is unthinkable--not only is their survival at stake, but they hold the fate of the entire human race in their hands. 
Price: 500.00 JPY
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3 Anderson, Kevin J. OF FIRE AND NIGHT
Orbit 2007 0316021733 / 9780316021739 Paperback Near Fine 
In excellent condition. Pages are intact and not marred by notes or highlig hting. The spine remains undamaged. The Saga of Seven Suns is a galaxy-spanning SF epic, packed with politics, war, family intrigues and star-crossed lovers. For years, the alien Klikiss robots have pretended to be humanity's friends, but their seeming "help" has allowed them to plant an insidious Trojan Horse throughout the Earth Defense Forces. In the climactic battle, human and alien races will collide and the galaxy will be shaken to its core. 
Price: 500.00 JPY
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