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BEHOLD THE TREES, Alexander, Sue
121 Alexander, Sue BEHOLD THE TREES
Arthur A. Levine Books 2001 0590762117 / 9780590762113 Hardcover Very Good/Very Good 
A copy that has been read, but is in excellent condition. Pages are intact and not marred by notes or highlighting. The spine remains undamaged. "Trees. Leaves, twigs, branches, bark-covered trunks, roots going down into dark, damp soil. Shields for the earth against the searing sun and drying winds. This is the story of one land and its trees. It begins a long, long, very long time ago..." In Behold the Trees Sue Alexander and Leonid Gore paint a riveting, heartbreaking picture of the long, slow devastation of one piece of Earth--and the hopeful beginnings of its renewal. Alexander, in a mesmerizing litany, recites the names of the trees that once sheltered and protected the land in what is now Israel: "Oak and almond, fig and olive, terebinth and palm, acacia and pomegranate, willow and tamarisk." She then describes, in chronologically organized, heartfelt text, the thousands of years of wars, farming, building, burning, and neglect that contributed to the loss of the trees. Ultimately, she writes of present-day efforts by Jewish people of all ages to replant the trees: "one by one--hundreds and thousands and millions of trees." The litany has changed once again, but hope has been rekindled. "Cypress and pine, eucalyptus and acacia, orange and olive, lemon and pecan, oak and palm... They hold back the sea, cool the air, and protect the earth for the people and animals who live there." 
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122 Alexie, Sherman TEN LITTLE INDIANS
Grove Press 2003 0802117449 / 9780802117441 Hardcover F/F 
Sherman Alexie, a gifted poet and storyteller, plows familiar yet fertile g round in his third collection of short stories, Ten Little Indians. The boo k contains nine stories populated by at least one American Indian (usually of Alexie's Spokane heritage, and mostly living in Seattle), but "little" i s a bit of a misnomer; the book addresses human (not necessarily Indian), r ituals, ceremony, love, loss, insecurity over life choices, and personal sa crifices. A lot of intense basketball is played, too. When Alexie is at his best, his stories function at a profoundly sad level, where broken down characters are broken down even more, but are fierce-willed enough to attempt Phoenix-like transitions. Unfortunately, the weakest stories appear first, where characters and situations seem far too contrived or forced, the dialogue wooden, and questions or exclamatory sentences appear annoyingly in bunches. In the last half of the book, a married couple, once intensely in love but now lost in life's routines, deal with infidelity ("Do You Know Where I Am?"); a bright basketball prospect attempts a comeback--twenty years after giving up the game ("Whatever Happened to Frank Snake Church?"); and a transient Indian finds his grandmother's regalia in a pawn shop and seeks to quickly raise the lofty purchase price ("What You Pawn I Will Redeem"). Brilliant turns of phrase abound, such as ceremonies being "pitiful cries to a disinterested God," or when a gym rat plays against "Basketball-Democrats who came to the court alone and ran with anybody and Basketball-Republicans who traveled in groups of five and only ran with each other." Ten Litt. 
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Dell 1991 0440206634 / 9780440206637 Paperback Very Good 

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124 Alferj, Pasqale and Francesca Cernia GLI ANNI DI PLASTICA
Electa Editrice 1983 1st Edition Hardcover Near Fine 
A highly collectible copy of this first edition, protected in a new brodart wrapper, no inscriptions, not price clipped or an ex-lib edition. Text in English and Italian. Well illustrated sudy of early plastic, bakelite and o ther substances such as celluloid, phenolyic resin and the like. 139 object s in the catalog, many of them shown in color plates. Lots of jewelry, eyeg lasses, purses, clocks, lamps, tableware and other things. Chronology. Bibl iography. 
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Sophia 1992 4900640611 / 9784900640610 Hardcover Very Good/Very Good 
A copy that has been read, but is in excellent condition. Pages are intact and not marred by notes or highlighting. The spine remains undamaged. 
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Scribner 1997 0684839997 / 9780684839998 1st Edition Hardcover Very Good/Very Good 
As the owner of the famed Nuyorican Poets Cafe, Miguel Algarín is very near the heart of New York's performance poetry scene. He is also a fine writer , one whose work Ishmael Reed has called "powerful, moving, and exciting." In this collection, Algarín takes the reader through a vivid and often nigh tmarish dreamscape of New York, featuring Angels (including the old-fashion ed scary kind), dancing, music, and, sadly, HIV. Algarín's own struggle wit h the disease drives many of his most poignant lines, as in these from "HIV ": "The epiphany: I am unsafe, / you who want me / know that I who want you / harbor the bitter balm of defeat." Later in the same poem Algarín asks t wo horrified, lonely questions: "Can it be that I am the bearer of plagues? / Do I have to deny yearning for firm full flesh / so that I'll not kill w hat I love?" That the answer is obvious makes the questions that much more haunting. 
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127 Ali, Monica ALENTEJO BLUE
Black Swan 2007 0552155470 / 9780552155472 Paperback Very Good 
Alentejo Blue is the story of the Portuguese village of Mamarrosa told thro ugh the lives of those who live there and those who are passing through - m en and women, children and old people, locals, tourists and expatriates. For some, such as Teresa, a beautiful, dreamy village girl, it is a place f rom which to escape; for others - the dysfunctional Potts family - it is a way of running from trouble (but not eluding it). Vasco, a café owner who h as never recovered from the death of his American wife, clings to a notion that his years in America make him superior to the other villagers. One Eng lish tourist makes Mamarrosa the subject of her fantasy of a new life, whil e for her compatriots, a young engaged couple, Mamarrosa is where their dre ams finally fall apart. At the book's opening an old man reflects on his long and troubled life in this beautiful and seemingly tranquil setting, and anticipates the return of Marco Afonso Rodrigues, the prodigal son of the village and a symbol of this now fast-changing world. The homecoming is the subject of continuing speculation, and when Marco Afonso Rodrigues does finally appear, villagers, tourists and expatriates are brought together and jealousies, passions and disappointments must inevitably collide. 
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128 Ali, Monica ALENTEJO BLUE
Scribner 2006 0743293037 / 9780743293037 1st Edition Hardcover Near Fine/Near Fine 
A tight clean hardcover, no markings throughout, NOT an ex-lib edition: Following her National Book Critics Circle and Los Angeles Times Book Award -nominated, bestselling debut, Brick Lane, Monica Ali's splendid Alentejo B lue "rewards readers with characters who etch themselves into one's memory" (People). Set in a small Portuguese village, Alentejo Blue is a story of displacement and modernization told through the lives of the locals and of people who a re just passing through. The residents of Mamarrosa whose ancestors occupy the graveyards are restless and struggle to make a living. They watch as to urists and expats move in. Monica Ali's characters are profoundly sympathetic. Her understanding of their dreams, desires, and disappointments is rare and moving. Alentejo Blue is evidence that Monica Ali is one of the most gifted voices of her generation. 
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BRICK LANE, Ali, Monica
129 Ali, Monica BRICK LANE
Black Swan 2004 0552771155 / 9780552771153 Paperback Very Good 
Still in her teenage years, Nazneen finds herself in an arranged marriage w ith a disappointed man who is twenty years older. Away from the mud and hea t of her Bangladeshi village, home is now a cramped flat in a high-rise blo ck in London's East End. Nazneen knows not a word of English, and is forced to depend on her husband. But unlike him she is practical and wise, and be friends a fellow Asian girl Razia, who helps her understand the strange way s of her adopted new British home. Nazneen keeps in touch with her sister H asina back in the village. But the rebellious Hasina has kicked against cul tural tradition and run off in a 'love marriage' with the man of her dreams . When he suddenly turns violent, she is forced into the degrading job of g arment girl in a cloth factory. Confined in her flat by tradition and famil y duty, Nazneen also sews furiously for a living, shut away with her button s and linings - until the radical Karim steps unexpectedly into her life. O n a background of racial conflict and tension, they embark on a love affair that forces Nazneen finally to take control of her fate. Strikingly imagin ed, gracious and funny, this novel is at once epic and intimate. Exploring the role of Fate in our lives - those who accept it; those who defy it - it traces the extraordinary transformation of an Asian girl, from cautious an d shy to bold and dignified woman. 
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130 Ali, Monica BRICK LANE: A NOVEL
Scribner 2003 0743243307 / 9780743243308 1st Edition Hardcover Very Good/Very Good 
A highly collectible first edition, tight clean copy, protected in a new br odart wrapper, no inscriptions, unclipped dustjacket, this is not an Ex-Lib or a BCE/BOMC edition. Wildly embraced by critics, readers, and contest judges (who put it on the short-list for the 2003 Man Booker Prize), Brick Lane is indeed a rare find: a book that livest?p to its hype. Monica Ali's debut novel chronicles the life of Nazneen, a Bangladeshi girl so sickly at birth that the midwife?t first declares her stillborn. At 18 her parents arrange a marriage to Chanu, a Bengali immigrant living in England. Although Chanu--who's twice Nazneen's age--turns out to be a foolish blowhard who "had a face like a frog," Nazneen accepts her fate, which seems to be the main life lesson taught by the women in her family. "If God wanted us to ask questions," her mother tells her, "he would have made us men." Over the next decade-and-a-half Nazneen grows into a strong, confident woman who doesn't defy fate so much as bend it to her will. 
Price: 800.00 JPY
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131 Ali, Monica BRICK LANE: A NOVEL
Scribner 2003 074326066X / 9780743260664 Paperback Very Good 
Minimum wear, no markings throughout, NOT an ex-library book: After an arranged marriage to Chanu, a man twenty years older, Nazneen is t aken to London, leaving her home and heart in the Bangladeshi village where she was born. Her new world is full of mysteries. How can she cross the ro ad without being hit by a car (an operation akin to dodging raindrops in th e monsoon)? What is the secret of her bullying neighbor Mrs. Islam? What is a Hell's Angel? And how must she comfort the naÏve and disillusioned Chanu ? As a good Muslim girl, Nazneen struggles to not question why things happen. She submits, as she must, to Fate and devotes herself to her husband and d aughters. Yet to her amazement, she begins an affair with a handsome young radical, and her erotic awakening throws her old certainties into chaos. Monica Ali's splendid novel is about journeys both external and internal, where the marvellous and the terrifying spiral together. 
Price: 400.00 JPY
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132 Ali, Monica IN THE KITCHEN
Black Swan 2010 0552774871 / 9780552774871 Paperback Very Good 
Who ends up in the kitchen, Gabe?' 'Misfits,' he said, 'psychos, exiles, cu linary artists, and people who just need a job.' In The Kitchen is Monica A li's stunning follow up to Brick Lane. It opens with a mysterious death in the cellars of a smart, cosmopolitan hotel and over the course of the ensui ng pages, peels back the layers of polyglot London to reveal the melting po t which exists below. Once again it confirms Monica Ali not only as a great modern storyteller but also an acute observer of the vagaries of a contemp orary culture. 
Price: 550.00 JPY
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133 Ali, Monica UNTOLD STORY
Scribner Book Company 2011 145165457X / 9781451654578 Paperback (08 Very Good 
When Princess Diana died in Paris's Alma tunnel, she was thirty-seven years old. Had she lived, she would have turned fifty on July 1, 2011. Who would the beloved icon be if she were alive today? What would she be doing? And where? One of the most versatile and bold writers of our time, Monica Ali h as imagined a different fate for Diana in her spectacular new novel, "Untol d Story." Diana's life and marriage were both fairy tale and nightmare rolled into on e. Adored by millions, she suffered rejection, heartbreak, and betrayal. Su rrounded by glamour and glitz and the constant attention of the press, she fought to carve a meaningful role for herself in helping the needy and disp ossessed. The contradictions and pressures of her situation fueled her incr easingly reckless behavior, but her stature and her connection with her pub lic never ceased to grow. If Diana had lived, would she ever have found pea ce and happiness, or would the curse of fame always have been too great? Fast-forward a decade after the (averted) Paris tragedy, and an Englishwoma n named Lydia is living in a small, nondescript town somewhere in the Ameri can Midwest. She has a circle of friends: one owns a dress shop, one is a R ealtor, another is a frenzied stay-at-home mom. Lydia volunteers at an anim al shelter and swims a lot. Her lover, who adores her, feels she won't let him know her. Who is she? "Untold Story "is about the cost of celebrity, the meaning of identity, and the possibility--or impossibility--of reinventing a life. Ali's fictional princess is beautiful, intrepid, and resourceful and has established a fragile peace. And then the past threate. 
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134 Aliesan, Jody SOUL CLAIMING : POEMS
Mulch Press 1975 0913142158 / 9780913142158 Paperback Very Good 

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Cliffs Notes 1969 0822003910 / 9780822003915 Paperback Fine 
More New and Revised Titles. The Best Just Got Better! Plus Glossary from W ebster's New World Dictionary Anthem Atlas Shrugged Beowulf Brave New World The Canterbury Tales The Catcher in the Rye The Contender The Crucible The Fountainhead Frankenstein The Grapes of Wrath Great Expectations The Great Gatsby Hamlet Heart of Darkness & The Secret Sharer Huckleberry Finn The I liad Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl Inherit the Wind Jane Eyre Juliu s Caesar The Killer Angels King Lear The Lord of the Flies Macbeth 1984 The Odyssey Oedipus Trilogy The Once and Future King Othello The Outsiders Pri de and Prejudice The Red Badge of Courage Romeo and Juliet The Scarlet Lett er A Separate Peace A Tale of Two Cities To Kill a Mockingbird Wuthering He ights See inside for the complete line-up of available CliffsNotes! 
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Hodder & Stoughton General D. 1993 0340592443 / 9780340592441 Paperback Very Good 
A collection of short stories, four of which are original while the other 1 2 have been previously published in magazines and anthologies. The book inc ludes stories of love, war and betrayal. The author also wrote "A Wildernes s of Mirrors", "A Time Without Shadows" and "The Judas Factor" 
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Viking 2001 0670899240 / 9780670899241 Hardcover Very Good/Very Good 
A copy that has been read, but is in excellent condition. Pages are intact and not marred by notes or highlighting. The spine remains undamaged. In today's world, yesterday's methods just don't work. Veteran coach and ma nagement consultant David Allen recognizes that time management is useless the minute your schedule is interrupted; setting priorities isn't relevant when your e-mail is down; procrastination solutions won't help if your goal s aren't clear. Instead, Allen shares with readers the proven methods he ha s already introduced in seminars and at top organizations across the countr y. The key to Getting Things Done? Relaxation. Allen's premise is simple: our ability to be productive is directly proportional to our ability to relax. Only when our minds are clear and our thoughts are organized can we achieve stress-free productivity. His seamless system teaches us how to identify, track, and-most important-choose the next action on all our tasks, commitments, and projects and thus master all the demands on our time while unleashing our creative potential. The book's stylish, dynamic design makes it easy to follow Allen's tips, examples, and inspiration to achieve what we all seek-energy, focus, and relaxed control. 
Price: 800.00 JPY
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Kensington Publishing Corpor 1996 1575660458 / 9781575660455 Paperback Very Good 
Abyssinian alley cat Mycroft-aka Big Mike-returns for his second adventure (after Desert Cat) among the wacky denizens of Empty Creek, Ariz. The towns people have turned out for the Empty Creek Authentic Elizabethan Spring Fai re, but mischief turns foul when the queen is murdered. Mystery-bookstore o wner Penelope Warren, the hastily chosen new queen, snoops around when she isn't sending shrews and bawds to the pillory or kissing Sir Walter Raleigh , while her feline companion, Mike, newly appointed royal cat, wears an Eli zabethan collar and cloak and spends his days dreaming of lima beans and th inking. Mike points his claw at the murderer just before Penelope is taken captive and sentenced to be beheaded. The rousing finale-featuring a ragtag band of revolting peasants-and the antics of the exceptionally ribald cast more than make up for the occasional plot lapse. Royal Cat is lusty good f un. 
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Warner Books Inc 1978 0446814377 / 9780446814379 Paperback Very Good 

Price: 325.00 JPY
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140 Allen, Jim DAYS OF HOPE
Futura Publications 1975 0860072495 / 9780860072492 Paperback Good/Good 

Price: 350.00 JPY
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