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BLIND SIDE, Coulter, Catherine
1 Coulter, Catherine BLIND SIDE
Jove 2004 0515137200 / 9780515137200 Mass Market Pa Very Good 
Get blindsided by the #1 New York Times bestselling author. FBI agents Savich and Sherlock face two baffling cases in Catherine Coulter's electrifying thriller, a riveting novel of knife-edge suspense. 
Price: 350.00 JPY
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BLOWOUT, Coulter, Catherine
2 Coulter, Catherine BLOWOUT
Jove 2005 0515139254 / 9780515139259 Paperback Near Fine 
The latest in prolific novelist Coulter's series of FBI thrillers once agai n features high-powered husband and wife team Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherl ock. In the middle of a long-awaited vacation with their young son, the two are called to investigate the heinous midnight murder of a Supreme Court J ustice, committed in the Court's library despite tight, round-the-clock sec urity. Known as a moderate, Justice Stewart Califano was undoubtedly contem plating an upcoming case involving the death penalty for psychopathic juven iles when he was brutally garroted, his fingers sliced off as he struggled to escape. The FBI is aided in the case by the CIA, Secret Service and metr opolitan police as well as by the judge's stepdaughter, an investigative re porter for the Washington Post. Yet within 48 hours, two of the Justice's y oung law clerks are murdered in the same grisly fashion--the lovable Daniel strangled with his own St. Christopher medal chain, and the formidable Eli za killed while she's on the phone with Savich. An unrelated supernatural s ide plot is distracting, and the case's solution comes from out of left fie ld, but fans of the author's fictional duo will get their fix--the climacti c face-off takes place in Savich and Sherlock's own living room. 
Price: 400.00 JPY
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BORN TO BE WILD, Coulter, Catherine
3 Coulter, Catherine BORN TO BE WILD
Jove 2006 0515142395 / 9780515142396 Paperback Near Fine 
A new novel of contemporary romance and suspense - and only available in pa perback. Sunday Cavendish is the woman everyone loves to hate. Independent, outspoke n and brazenly sexy, she's clearly the star of the popular soap opera, Born To Be Wild, despite her character's machinations. But Mary Lisa Beverly isn't Sunday - except in front of the cameras. So whe n a car practically runs her over in idyllic Malibu, she realizes she needs some time off to escape. Returning home to Oregon, quickly reminds her wh y she left three years ago. Her ex-fiancé and the sister she found in bed w ith him are now married, her mother barely tolerates her, and she can't rem ember the last time she had a date. Her father alone is her refuge, that i s, until she meets someone off-limits. When the attacks on her life continue after her return to LaLaLand, Mary Lisa turns to her friends and neighbors, her true family, for support. But she doesn't expect to turn to the last man she ever expected to show up on her doorstep. With the threat of danger lurking in every shadow, Mary Lisa must learn to trust her hometown adversary with her life and her heart. 
Price: 500.00 JPY
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4 Coulter, Catherine DOUBLE TAKE: FBI THRILLER
Putnam's Sons 2007 0739478729 / 9780739478721 Hardcover Very Good/Very Good 
At the start of bestseller Coulter's gripping 11th FBI thriller (after Poin t Blank), Julia Ransom is enjoying a liberating stroll on San Francisco's P ier 39 after having been suspected of the brutal murder of her renowned psy chic husband, Dr. August Ransom, six months earlier and hounded by the medi a. When an unknown assailant throws Julia off the pier, FBI Special Agent C heney Stone rescues her. Stone later senses a link between the attack and t he death of Julia's husband. Meanwhile in Virginia, Sheriff Dixon Noble is finally feeling his life is getting back to normal after his wife went miss ing three years earlier. When Noble comes to San Francisco to pursue a lead into his wife's disappearance, he gets involved in a harrowing investigati on with Stone into both mysteries. As usual, the author conjures strong vis ual images, particularly a wild car chase through the streets of San Franci sco. Credible characters and a fascinating look at the world of psychics an d thieves help make this one of Coulter's best. 
Price: 500.00 JPY
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HEMLOCK BAY, Coulter, Catherine
5 Coulter, Catherine HEMLOCK BAY
Jove 2002 0515133302 / 9780515133301 Paperback Good 
FBI Agent Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock must discover whether Savich's s ister's car crash was a suicide attempt, or a murder conspiracy to gain her extremely valuable paintings. 
Price: 350.00 JPY
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POINT BLANK, Coulter, Catherine
6 Coulter, Catherine POINT BLANK
Jove Books 2007 0515141682 / 9780515141689 Paperback Very Good 
Coulter's new thriller romance (Blowout, etc.) opens with Ruth Warnecki los t in a cave in rural Virginia while fellow (married) FBI agents Dillon Savi ch and Lacey Sherlock are hot on the tail of a psychotic dirty old man (Mos es Grace) and his flirtatious teenage partner (Claudia), who've kidnapped a smalltime comedian. Coulter fans know if they suspend belief—r eally suspend belief—she'll deliver page-turners filled with go od guys battling bad guys as well as enjoying domestic tranquility. After R uth makes it out of the cave, she's cared for by Dixon Noble, the local she riff and ex-New Yorker with two kids and a missing wife; then Ruth and the gang return to the cave to discover the body of a murdered music student. L acey and Dillon consult MAX the miracle computer about Moses while Dix intr oduces Ruth to his domineering father-in-law, Chappy, and musician Gordon, Chappy's geriatric lech of a brother. Coulter alternates between the search for the student's killer and the hunt for Moses, cases tied together only by the FBI agents solving them and the theme of criminally insane grumpy ol d men. Coulter continues to prove more convincing describing virtue than vi ce, which means that sympathetic characters and happy endings take preceden ce over serious detective work. 
Price: 350.00 JPY
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RIPTIDE, Coulter, Catherine
7 Coulter, Catherine RIPTIDE
Jove Books 2001 0515130966 / 9780515130966 Paperback Near Fine 
Rebecca Matlock is in the thick of politics, enjoying her work as a speechw riter for the governor of New York, who's facing a reelection campaign. Wha t she's not enjoying are the menacing phone calls from a stranger who refer s to himself as "your boyfriend" and warns her that he will kill the govern or if she doesn't stop sleeping with him. Although Becca has never had a se xual relationship with her boss, she is increasingly frightened by the phon e calls. The police, who were initially sympathetic to her plight, make it clear that they regard her as a hysteric, even after the stalker murders an innocent bystander to convince her that he means business. Becca seeks ref uge in Riptide, an isolated community on the Maine coast, but terror contin ues to dog her. The skeleton of a woman who may be the missing wife of a co llege friend is unearthed in the basement of her new house; the stalker tra cks her to her chosen refuge; and she is sought by the police and the FBI f ollowing an assassination attempt on the governor. 
Price: 450.00 JPY
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THE EDGE, Coulter, Catherine
8 Coulter, Catherine THE EDGE
Jove 2000 0515128600 / 9780515128604 Paperback Near Fine 
Like Jilly Bartlett, who drives her white Porsche off an Oregon cliff in th e prologue, Coulter (The Target) has an uncertain hand on the wheel of her rambling thriller. FBI agent Ford "Mac" MacDouglas, Jilly's brother, is a t ough-but-tenderhearted protagonist unraveling the mystery surrounding his s ister's plunge with frequent interruptions for sex and violent surprises. J illy, a brilliant chemist, survives the accident (or is it a suicide attemp t?), only to disappear upon awaking from a four-day coma, leaving Mac with some vexing questions. What kind of drug have Jilly and her unpleasant scie ntist husband, Paul, developedAa fountain of youth, a wild libido enhancer, a fertility drug, a memory-eraser, or all of the above? Why is Jilly death ly afraid of beautiful Laura Scott, who's ostensibly a reclusive research l ibrarian but obviously far too street smart to play that role convincingly? Who killed retired cop Charlie Duck? Coulter risks exasperating her reader sAwho may tire of the relentless questions this book raises in increasingly heavy dosesAwith excessive and transparent collusions; it turns out that t he highway patrolman who rescues Jilly has ties to sheriff Maggie Sheffield , and that Sheffield is the ex-wife of a detective. 
Price: 450.00 JPY
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THE MAZE, Coulter, Catherine
9 Coulter, Catherine THE MAZE
Jove 1998 0515122491 / 9780515122497 Paperback Near Fine 
Full of karate, pistol-whipping, and other malevolent mayhem, Catherine Cou lter's The Maze could be described as a junior-varsity version of Silence o f the Lambs. As in that novel, the heroine in The Maze, Lacey Sherlock, bec omes an FBI agent to help unravel the mysteries of her own past. Seven year s after her sister was brutally slain by a serial killer (the wonderfully c reepy "String Killer"), Lacey is assigned to the FBI's Criminal Apprehensio n Unit (CAU). The CAU, headed by brawny bureau egghead Dillon Savich, uses computer modeling to catch the baddest guys around--it's like profiling, bu t with databases. Before you know it, Dillon and Lacey are tangling with th e String Killer. 
Price: 450.00 JPY
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10 Coulter, Catherine THE TARGET
Jove Books 1999 0515125628 / 9780515125627 Paperback Very Good 
Coulter continues the suspense-filled series she began with The Cove (1996) and The Maze (1997), even bringing in some of the same characters. Her lat est is set in the Colorado mountains, where Judge Ramsey Hunt has fled to r ecuperate after being forced to shoot a man during a melee in his courtroom . But his dream of peace and quiet is shattered when he discovers an uncons cious, beaten, and sexually abused little girl who is too traumatized to sp eak. Reluctant to subject her to any more terror, Ramsey refrains from goin g to the authorities and cares for her himself. But once again, violence in trudes, first when two gunmen attempt to take the girl, and then when her m other, Molly, appears, ready to kill the man she believes is the kidnapper. Miraculously, Emma regains her voice in the nick of time, so Molly and Ram sey join forces and attempt to solve the mystery of her abduction. Emma is a target for any of a number of reasons--her father is a famous rock star w ith a gambling problem, and her grandfather is a Chicago Mob boss--and Coul ter, who doesn't stint on humor or romance, keeps readers guessing. 
Price: 400.00 JPY
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